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Know when others use your computer

Mouselock is a web app that will notify you when other people attempt to use your computer while you’re away. While this amusing web app is great for surprising friends and co-workers it does not actually secure your computer. Mouselock is optimized to work with Chrome, but most of its features are compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Mouselock requires logging in to your Google account. Don’t worry, this is to allow e-mail notifications and will not send unwanted spam. Once your Google account is confirmed, Mouselock will show a row of numbers from 1 to 10. You will need to assign a number as a PIN by clicking on it. The last step on your part will be to place the mouse cursor in the center of the screen. That’s all you need to do, now you can go away from your keyboard for coffee or lunch.

When a pesky co-worker or housemate attempts to use your computer Mouselock will flash the PIN number bar and a ticking bomb graphic. If the incorrect PIN is entered or time runs out Mouselock will send a quick notification to your e-mail. Unfortunately, after sending this e-mail Mouselock will simply default back to the main page allowing the process to be repeated by another user.

Mouselock has an added feature that currently only works on Chrome browsers: webcam photos. Along with the notification e-mail, Mouselock will snap a quick picture with your attached webcam. This picture will appear both in your e-mail and on the screen to surprise the perpetrator. This webcam option does not work on the latest versions of either Firefox or Internet Explorer. On Internet Explorer there also additional animation problems.

Mouselock is a neat way to know when someone else accesses your computer, but it offers no real protection.


  • Get e-mail notifications while you're away
  • Takes webcam pictures of perpetrators
  • Good for a laugh


  • Offers no real security
  • Webcam does not work on all browsers
  • Animation problems on Internet Explorer


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